Friday Full-Day Workshops

NEW THIS YEAR ~ Friday Full-day Seminar Topics Include:


Option #1: An Indepth Analysis of Risk Management Practices and Planning - What you need to know moving forward.

Presented by: Dr. Ryan Howard (ALIVE Outdoors), Jarod Chinnick (Fleming College), & Dr. Garrett Hutson (Brock University)

Risk management is quickly becoming the dominant topic within the Outdoor, Adventure and Experiential Education fields. Supporting educators, guides and facilitators to better understand and acknowledge their varied roles within the layered tapestry of current risk management regulations, guidelines, and best practices is an important, and a sadly underdeveloped area in need of attention and expertise. This workshop seeks to layout the modern issues that all Outdoor, Adventure and Experiential Educators, Businesses and Schools face in the provision of outdoor educational activities. Workshop attendees will leave the workshop with a strong foundation in risk management to take back to their organizations and personal or professional practices.

This full-day workshop will take participants through the following topics in an interactive and discursive workshop model:

  • What we know now about risk management in Canada for Outdoor Education
  • Perceived versus real risk – why this simple distinction continues to be paramount in our field
  • Key principals of the Canadian Legal system regarding risk management
  • Pertinent Case studies you need to know
  • How to build risk management plans and risk registers
  • Mitigation strategies for the top risks prevalent within our field
  • Designing risk communication tools to help offset informed consent issues and staff development
  • Where to find your risk information, policies, standard operating procedures, and industry standards
  • Forms and paperwork - what you need to consider before sending them out, and how to keep them secure
  • Crisis response and planning for incidents
  • Incident reporting and using incident data to drive risk management practices
  • Tools and tips for working with risk management plans

Ryan Howard, Ph.D
Director of Research, Risk Management and Innovation at ALIVE Outdoors Inc.
Canadian Risk Management Consultant

Dr. Howard is a risk management specialist in the field of Enterprise Risk Management. He has a strong background in the disciplines of outdoor and adventure education, wilderness recreation, and experiential education. He actively works with clients to build and maintain strong risk management programs for both their internal organizational structures and their offsite activities. Dr. Howard has led consulting teams that have worked with Crown Corporations, School Boards, Government Agencies, Camps, and a number of Independent Schools. Previous to his work with ALIVE Outdoors Inc., he was a Professor who worked at a number of Canadian Universities specializing in Outdoor Recreation, Risk Management and Experiential Education. Dr. Howard actively leads risk management workshops, presents at national and international conferences, and publishes in peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Howard has completed his additional Enterprise Risk Management qualifications through the Global Risk Management Institute and the Canadian Risk Manager program.

Jarod Chinnick, MA
Enterprise Risk Management and Safety Specialist

Professor in the Adventure Studies Department, Fleming College & Experiential Education and Risk Management Specialist with ALIVE Outdoors. Jarod has 15 years of experience working in the fields of outdoor, experiential, and adventure education at a number of national organizations. He actively teaches college-level risk management courses and wilderness recreation theory and best practices. He has worked to develop comprehensive risk management plans, tools, and policies for extended field-based excursions both in his own work and as a risk consultant with ALIVE Outdoors. Jarod is currently pursuing his Canadian Risk Manager’s designation through the Global Risk Management Institute.

Garrett Hutson, PhD
Associate Professor of Recreation and Leisure Studies at Brock University.

Dr. Hutson has been teaching recreation risk management at the University level for 11 years and has developed professional relationships with a variety of outdoor recreation agencies, insurance companies, and risk program providers across Canada and the United States. Hutson currently supervises risk management internships and co-coordinates a variety of outdoor educational programming including rock climbing, backpacking, winter camping, flatwater canoeing, and day trip experiences at Brock. Hutson contributes peer-reviewed content on risk to textbooks, academic journals, and at national conferences. Dr. Hutson serves on the Board of the Ontario Trails Council (OTC) and is a member of the OTC Risk and Liability Working Group. Dr. Hutson also has prior experience working with a federal agency on a risk communication assessment for outdoor recreation. Prior to academic life, Hutson worked full time as a ski patroller and avalanche control worker and part time as a hiking and climbing instructor for NOLS (formerly the National Outdoor Leadership School) in Wyoming, Alaska, and the Yukon Territory.


Option #2: Backcountry Excursions: Building Purpose into Logistics. 

Cancelled Due to Algonquin Park Closures

(This session includes a full-day excursion into Algonquin Park by canoe and paddle) 

Presented by: Max Muszynski (Camp Arowhon) and Ryan Benson (ALIVE Outdoors)

As a new component to the Collective, this Friday session aims to spark conversations that will continue throughout the weekend. Taking youth outside, particularly into backcountry settings, is becoming increasingly challenging to plan and execute. They are also more important than ever as our youth becoming increasingly urbanized and engaged in technology.

Acting as transparent guides, Max and Ryan will provide a facilitators lens to all facets of running excursions. We will also help participants dive into the desired outcomes of their respective excursions/programs and use those as the foundations in planning, preparing, executing, and following up from, backcountry excursions. Through a combination of facilitated discussion, sharing of resources and a fun outing in Algonquin, we aim to leave participants invigorated about the possibilities the backcountry provides and empowered to take their next steps in coordinating their own excursions.


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Registration for the 2019 Outdoor Collective is Open!



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