Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do I have to come for the whole weekend, or can I show up on Sunday morning when the certification courses start?

A:  One of the main driving forces behind the Collective is to build, expand and strengthen the community of people doing good, and meaningful work.  To do this, we see the value of all participants being there from Friday evening onwards. For those who can only make the certification/recertification portion of the Outdoor Collective you can register for one of the courses of your choosing using the online registration portal. 
Q:  How often will the Outdoor Collective run?
A: The intention is for this event to run over the 2nd weekend of May at Camp Arowhon annually. This allows people to set aside the same time each year to plan for professional development/certification courses. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE OUTDOOR COLLECTIVE IS RUNNING AT CAMP KANDALORE IN 2019 DUE TO PARK CLOSURES.
Q:  Can I take two certification courses at once?  
A:  Unfortunately, there is only time for you to take one certification course at each Collective.
Q:  How much experience do I need to attend the Outdoor Collective?

A: No experience is required. Whether you are just beginning your journey into the outdoor industry, or you are a seasoned guide/facilitator/educator—All are welcome. 
Q:  Will dietary concerns be accommodated?  Can I bring extra food?  Is there access to a fridge?
A: The kitchen team at Arowhon are incredibly talented and accommodating when it comes to dietary requirements. They will do their best to meet the needs of each individual.  Should you want to bring food to accommodate your dietary needs please ensure that it is nut free.  A fridge will be made available to those who need it. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE OUTDOOR COLLECTIVE IS RUNNING AT CAMP KANDALORE IN 2019 DUE TO PARK CLOSURES.
Q: Will activity areas be open outside of program sessions?
A: We will ensure that if people want to go for a morning paddle, or a spring polar bear dip that this is a possibility!
Q:  Can I bring alcohol for the evenings?
A:  Yes, if you are 19 and over you are welcome to bring beverages for the evening socials. Please bring cans when possible. Wine bottles are acceptable as long as they stay in designated areas indoors. Bring a traveller mug so you can sit by the roaring fire in the evening. Parameters will be outlined when we are all together. 
Q:  Can I bring my pet?
A: Unfortunately, it’s going to be challenging if we have loads of dogs/rabbits/hamsters/cats, etc. running around.  There will be a few dogs on site during the weekend, but we are asking participants to find someone to care for your furry friends so we can focus on the "Collective Works" sessions and certification courses. 

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